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Edmond Cordova

Board Member


Quality Analyst/Entrepreneur, Finance/Food & Beverage

Why is volunteering important?

First and foremost, volunteering helps you make a difference in this world. Volunteering goes beyond just being something fun to do; it decreases stress, and it gives you the ability to truly help someone in need. Volunteering also teaches you new things. Volunteering can help you strengthen key qualities and skills such as teamwork, communicating and problem solving.

How do you envision Service First Initiatives making an impact?

I envision Service First Initiatives making a valuable connection to our community and making it a better place. I also see Service First Initiatives helping people that would not get help otherwise.

What do you see as the greatest threat to young men today?

Mental health! Not knowing or understanding why it’s important to be mentally healthy. I think young men are afraid to ask for help. They feel that it’s weak to ask for help. I want Service First Initiatives to be that safe place where they can seek help.

Edmond Cordova
Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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